WYO Wild Rags

by Covey of Quail

Pure 100% Silk Wild Rags hand made in Wyoming! 39 years of expertise makes our style and quality unmatched.


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Covey of Quail was established in 1982 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have since reinvented myself as WYO WILD RAGS – the same 100% silk handmade Wild Rags and personal service under a new banner. Thirty-eight years of expertise makes our quality and style unmatched.

I began my company way before computers were doing what they can do today. I was old school (still pretty much am) when one had to pound the pavement and make personal connections that eventually directed you to where you wanted to go. Then one had to travel! No complaints from me. Fabric shows in San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas! Still it was really tough to find silk, much less prints I thought would deserve merit. It took a lot of old-fashioned detective work to do what folks can now do online!

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Connie King

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